George Soros: Hero or Menace?

George, Ex-Nazi Youth, Billionaire is thinking of you!

Its always a great day when you see people rising up against oppression and demanding equality. Among the peaceful protesters however, George Soros’ funded Anti-Facists wreck havoc in the streets. His “Open World Foundation” have refused to acknowledge that they have been funding both #BLM and #Antifa but that’s because they know the “Cognitive Dissonance”

Killing retired police Captains, Security Officers, and innocent bystanders. Sadly, Soros refuses to comment and so does his current Pay-Slaves.


Sadly, these videos have the evidence needed to make your own opinion. The real problem is why the US Government allows this individual to act with impunity. Anyone else would be outted as a domestic terrorist but Soros is worshiped as some kind of philanthropist. If you knew he was gaming Fordex money markets with other peoples money nearly destroying people’s economies you’d feel the same way I do, Comrade.

I don’t know about you but I’m done with this Puppeteer. Make up your own mind. THE LIGHT SHINES!


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